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Sar Pass Trek

Himachal Pradesh | 5 | 2

  • 49 KM

  • 5D | 4N

  • Moderate

  • 13800 ft ft

  • Age 12-57 Year

Starting from ₹ 9000

₹ 6000per person

Extra 5% GST

33% OFF

  • Kasol - Kasol
  • Trek starts from Grahan Village
  • Traveling Charges applicable

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Trek Highlights

  • Sar Pass trek contains many striking trails with the sights of the crisp green meadows, unlimited woods, gushing waterfalls, turbulent Parvati River and many more. 
  • The Grahan Village is also called the small Israel of India. It is a 200 years old mesmerizing small town in the Parvati Valley.
  • Enjoy walking on a rug of shining fresh white snow when you experience the overwhelming sights of the Parvati Valley. 
  • Enjoy freshly cooked Himachali food while witnessing the majestic scenery of the Himalayas.


Trek Overview 

Sar Pass trek is the Best Himalayan trek near Manali, and you can do this trek in the summer. On this trek, you can find snow during the summer seasons. 

You can begin this trek from Kasol, a village in the Kullu district (Himachal Pradesh).

The altitude of this trek is 13,800 ft., and it gives the glory of a striking lush landscape and is a paradise for nature lovers, artists, and photographers. 

Located among the Himalayan peaks covered in snow, this trek traverses some of the most picturesque views varying from the ice blankets to the meadows or the woods. 

This Trekking in Himachal offers everything from trekking through groves of rhododendrons and woods of pine to camping in the high-altitude village called Grahan.

That is the perfect destination away from the hottest cities to enjoy the winter chills during the summers.  


Why Should You Do Sar Pass Trek?

Start your journey towards Sar Pass Trek because it gives numerous reasons to validate why it can be on your to-do list -

  • Unmatched Natural Beauty: This trek leads you through some exceptional landscapes in the lap of the Himalayas and lets you soak in the splendor and tranquillity of the peaks. 
  • Thrilling Adventure: The unpredictable climate conditions, steep ascents, and challenging terrains make this trek a thrilling adventure and test your endurance.
  • Sense of Achievement: reaching on top of the Sar Pass fills you with a greater sense of achievement, increases your confidence and motivates you to accept any challenges in life.
  • Disconnect from everyone: In the middle of nature’s peace, the Sar Pass is one of the best Treks near Manali, which provides a much-desired escape from the anarchy of daily life, giving you a chance to reconnect with yourself and discover inner peace. 
  • Meeting Like-Minded travelers: The trek assembles people from various regions, letting you build new associations and create ultimate connections with fellow trekkers.


Best Time to Do Sar Pass Trek

May-June and September-October are the perfect times to visit the Sar Pass Trek.

Throughout this time, the climate is rather stable, with clear skies and mild temperatures, providing perfect conditions for trekking. 

The winter season of December-February is also perfect for veteran trekkers looking for an adventurous winter thrill. 


How Difficult is Sar Pass Trek?

The Sar Pass Trek is considered one of the best Treks near Kasol, but it is a moderately challenging trek, apt for both experienced trekkers and beginners.

It requires great mental preparedness and physical fitness because of the steep ascents and challenging terrains.

But, if you are planning to go on this trek, you should exercise regularly and have the trekking experience to build endurance to enjoy your trekking experience completely. 


How to Reach Sar Pass Trek

Your trek starts from Kasol, a scenic village in Parvati Valley. Some of the famous options to reach Kasol are mentioned here -

  • By Air: Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to reach Kasol, nearly 32 km away. Bhuntar Airport has daily flights to some main cities like Chandigarh and Delhi. 
  • By Road: You can also reach Kasol by road. You can take a bus or hire a cab/taxi from Chandigarh or Delhi to reach Kasol or Bhuntar directly. 
  • By Rail: Joginder Nagar Railway Station is the closest railway station, approximately 145 km from Kasol. You can take a bus or taxi from this station to Kasol.


Short Itinerary
Day 1: Kasol to Grahan Village
Day 2: Grahn to Min Thach
Day 3: Min Thach to Nagaru
Day 4: Nagaru via Sar Pass to Biskeri Thach
Day 5: Trek from Biskeri Thach to  Kasol via Barsheni


Note: 6D | 5N Itinerary is also available

Day 1: Kasol Base Camp

Day 2: Kasol to Grahan Village

Day 3: Grahan Village to Min Thach

Day 4: Min Thach to Nagaru

Day 5: Nagaru to Biskeri Thach via Sar Pass

Day 6: Biskeri Thach to Kasol via Barshaini

(For price please connect our Trek expert 9999-779-236)


Altitude: 5,577 ft to 7709 ft
Distance: 8 km 
Time taken: 4-5 hours

You will start trekking from Kasol to Grahan, which goes through the woods and the Grahan nalah. The Kasol trek begins from the Kasol’s centre and continues to the left of the Grahan Allah. This Pathway is easy to follow, and villagers often use this trail.  

The gradient of this trek is gentle. Therefore, you can easily cover enough distance within hours. The Pathway traverses the nalah and persists before suddenly becoming stony and ascending uphill, away from the river’s bank. 

Soon, you will find a way to shrubs and grass. You can also discover some fields and see some brightly colored tarpaulins.

You will also find provisional stalls with vendors who sell refreshments such as rhododendron syrup, omelets, and tea. 

After a steep ascend of nearly 60 minutes, you will find the village of Grahan on top of the hill.

You can set up your camp here for the night. The guest house is also available for easy accommodation, and you can also find a camping ground when you cross the village. 

Altitude: 7,709 ft to 11,154 ft
Distance: 7 km 
Time taken: 5-6 hours

Today, you will follow a pathway that goes north and ascend gently. Villagers often follow this trail in the morning to reach Min Thach. After a few walks, the view expands, and a travel guide can direct you to Sar Top, Nagaru, and Min Thach on the hill to the right. 

Also, the trail becomes steeper and guides you into the forests. After a few walks, you will arrive at thick woods; the dense canopy allows entering very little sunlight. 

The slope also becomes steeper still, and the trail is puzzling. After walking for some hours, the woods also expand to a green patch of a hill called Min Thach. You will also enjoy the view of Chanderkhani to the northwest, across the horizon.

The hill line prolongs to the east side and rises to a snow-capped cliff on which the Nagaru campsite is situated.

There is a forest to the southeast of the hill, and some cleared ground to install a tent.

You may also find a seasonal vendor’s hut to get omelets, coffee, and tea. You will also find a tap nearby that provides potable water. You will set up your camp here tonight, and the hill will safeguard you from fast winds. 

Altitude: 11,154 ft to 12,467 ft  
Distance: 8 km 
Time taken: 6-7 hours 

From Min Thach, the path doesn’t go straight to the mountain line; instead, it goes up to the south region and leads to the forests.
You may also discover snow here, based on the climate condition. So, you should also begin early, for the climate is usually flattering before the afternoon, plus the snow becomes smoother later into the day. 

After a few walks, you will reach another ridge line steeply eastward to the cliff, where Nagaru is situated.  

After climbing up this hill, you will reach to Nagaru and after walking for some time tree-line ends and opens up mildew. 

After walking a couple of meters, you will ultimately reach a welcoming ground area atop the ridge – your Nagaru campsite.  

You will find it amazing. Facing north, you can see wonderful mountains rising abruptly across the Parvati Valley from where you can see Manikaran town. 

In a few distance, you will also see a Chanderkhani plus the mountain of the Beas Valley. Below, on your left side, you will observe the Min Thach campsite plus Grahan village. 

From here, you will need to go south to reach Sar Pass. Here, you must set up your camp soon because the winds are extremely powerful, and the temperature dips faster after sunset.  

Altitude: 12,467 ft - 13,779 ft 
Distance: 14 km 
Time taken: 8-9 hours 

On day 4, you should wake up early before sunrise. Today, you will need to pursue a long trek. 

The ascend to Sar Pass Trek india follows the mountain line in a southward way plus is vertical in some areas. 

You can go slow and steady when you ascend through the snow. The snow pathway is easier to walk on, plus the delightful surroundings keep your spirits high. 

After ascending the ridge from Nagaru, you will see a higher hill you will climb next. Till now, you will cover one-third of the distance to this trek. 

To your right side, you will notice a cliff vertical to the valley below; the mountain is sharper, plus the ascend is steeper, so you should be vigilant.

After ascending this ridge, you will reach the mountain's peak and enjoy the view ahead.

The view expands eastward – and you will see the towering peaks of the Tosh Valley. On your south, you will explore the white carpet of snow lined by snow-covered peaks.

But you will reach the top in a couple of hours and have to cover enough distance before your next camp—the onward trail retreats from high ground to your southeast after a hill’s contours.

You must walk cautiously on the deep valleys on your left. After some time, the trails ascend to a hill running across, plus you can observe a flag attached to a ‘Trishul’ on top.

The slope is extremely vertical in the final stretch and covered in snow; you may discover a rope you can hold while climbing. You will enjoy an exhilarating view after reaching the top. After descending some hundred feet, you will discover a striking valley ahead.

After a few walks, you will find another descent in the valley, and according to the snow situation, you can prefer sliding for longer than one km till reaching ground level. 

You will cross the snow-capped trees while sliding through a vale that has now slandered and opens up a beautiful meadow on the left. After traversing some streams, you will reach Biskeri Thach, your campsite. 

Here, you will explore a magnificent view of the pine woods, the lovely grasslands and the majestic mountains.

In the valley below, you can explore the villages of Nakthan, Bursheni, Pulga-Tulga, and Tosh. On top of a hill, you will discover the grassland of Bun-Buni. Close by, a waterfall comes down from the ridge, creating a background behind Biskeri. 

Trek Distance: 9 km (5-6 hours)
Drive Distance: 15 km ( 1 hour)

From Biskeri, a vertical trail goes down. After a few walks, you will traverse the river and trespass a land with fencing. There is no trail here. Therefore, you must traverse the plot to search the trail again, which goes into the deep woods. 

There are several trails in this area; therefore, a professional guide will tell you the right way. After climbing down the thick woods, you will find a crossing on a river, with campsite crossways. But, it’s quite challenging to reach the crossing.

After traversing the river on wooden planks, ascend the campsite with many vendor tents. You will find a way to the Pulga village on the left side of the campsite. 

Soon after, you arrive at one of the trek's most picturesque locations: grassland bordered by trees. 

The slope steepens once more as the path continues along a dry channel and into the woods. 

The path goes down after fenced land and reaches a loading yard belonging to the forest department. 

The path passes; you will see a water pipeline leading you to the Pulga village.

Twin hamlets Tulga and Pulga are divided by a river. From Tulga village, you will cross a bridge on the Parvati stream to reach Bursheni village.

Bursheni is the final village across the Parvati Valley that is well-connected by road. This road is also the trailhead for trekking to Tosh Valley, Pin Parvati Pass, Mantalai Lake, and Kheerganga. You can get taxis or buses to Bhuntar, Kasol and other places from here. So, here your trek ends, and you will leave this place with many beautiful memories to cherish forever. 


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  •  Accommodation in guest houses and tents throughout the trek
  •  All foods during the trek
  •  Experienced support staff and trek leader 
  •  Camping permits and equipment
  • Safety equipment and First aid kit 


  •  Travel costs to reach Kasol
  •  Insurance and personal expenses 
  •  Mule/porter expenses to carry personal belongings
  • Any extra meals or accommodation outside the trek itinerary

How to Reach

Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to reach Kasol, nearly 32 km away. Bhuntar Airport has daily flights to some main cities like Chandigarh and Delhi. 

You can also reach Kasol by road. You can take a bus or hire a cab/taxi from Chandigarh or Delhi to reach Kasol or Bhuntar directly. 

Joginder Nagar Railway Station is the closest railway station, approximately 145 km from Kasol. You can take a bus or taxi from this station to Kasol.

Food During Trek

Tea / Coffee / Juice
Bread Butter-Jam / Sandwich / Omelette / Aloo Paratha / Mix Veg Poha / Porridge / Chole Bhature / Aloo Poori / Mix Veg Vermicelli


Please Note: This is a Tentative Menu. Trekkers Of India can change/update the menu without any prior notice! 

  • Roti / Paratha / Sabzi / Vegetable Pulao / Jeera Rice / Daal Makhni
  • Refereshment: Banana / Packed Juice / Biscuit / Chocolate / Dry Fruits

  • Tea/Coffee, Mix Veg Soup
  • Bread Pakoda / Maggie / Veg Pakoda

  • Mattar-Paneer / Rajma-Rice / Roti-Sabzi / Tadka Daal / Aloo-Gobhi / Mix veg Manchurian / Masur Daal
  • Sweets: Gulab-Jamun / Halwa
  • Hot Drink: Bournvita

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Process & Terms & Conditions

For canceling your booking, please send us an e-mail at support@trekkersofindia.in


Previous policy shall be applied for the cancellation requests received before the updation.

Do not forget to mention your booking reference number in the same e-mail. Cancellation requests cannot be taken over the phone call or messages.

  • Cancellation made 30 days before the trek- 90% cash refund or Get 100% of the trek fee in a Trekkers Of India Trek Voucher.
  • Cancellation made between 29 days and 15 days before the trek- 70% cash refund or Get 80% of the trek fee in a Trekkers Of India Trek Voucher.
  • Cancellation made between 14 days and 7 days before the trek- 50% cash refund or Get 70% of the trek fee in a Trekkers Of India Trek Voucher.
  • Cancellation made between 6 days and 1 day before the trek– No Refund, No Trek Voucher
  • If the Cancellation is made on the Starting day of the trek or there is no Show on the start day of trek, there will be No Refund, No Voucher.
  • Trek Voucher is Issued when Full Amount is Paid to book the trek.
  • No refund is applicable on cancellation if Advance Amount is Paid to Book the Trek/Trip.
  • Refunds will be made within 7-14 working days from the date of cancellation.
  • In case of refund, 4% payment processing charges must be applied.
  • In case of refund, 5% GST is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Cancellation charges are based on the total trek fee, irrespective of the amount paid either full or partial.
  • The refund amount will be calculated from the total fee, in case any partial payment has been made.
  • If your Booking says ” NOT REFUNDABLE “ No Refund or Trek Voucher will be issued.



In the rare event that we cancel a trek, this is the policy we follow:

We almost never cancel our treks. But in case we cancel a trek because of Lockdown, Natural calamities (snowstorms, thunderstorms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, bad weather) or unexpected political unrest, terrorism activity, curfews, local riots, or government orders, Trekkers Of India issues a voucher for the full amount of your trek fee paid to us or Alternate Trek will be arranged. You can redeem the Trek Voucher on any of our treks over the next one year or even extend it in case of emergency. NO CASH REFUND would be made.

What If Trekker is on Trek & It is not completed due to natural calamities (snowstorms, thunderstorms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, bad weather) or unexpected political unrest, terrorism activity, curfews, local riots, or government orders?

There would be NO REFUND in this case.

Trekker can avail our “Come Back & Trek Again Feature” Let us tell you more about it. (Not applicable on Winter Treks)


1. As a Trekker, there are times when you have to let go of a Trek in mid of the Trek Journey. You can fall ill or get hit by AMS or at times simply fatigue pulls you down or there may be other reasons as well such as Snowstorms, thunderstorms, floods, landslides, earthquakes or unexpected political unrest, bad weather, curfews, local riots, or government orders?. Or if your Trek Leader/Guide sends you back down to base due to a safety or health issue. At Trekkers Of India we feel bad when such things happen and we understand the feelings of Trekker.

But wait! Trekkers Of India will not let you go back with sad face! We have a feature/policy in which you can “COME BACK & TREK AGAIN” that means you can come back & do SAME TREK again. And Hey! you don’t need to pay Trekkers Of India money for the same. Happy now  ?

How to apply for same? Simply email us at support@trekkersofindia.in, Our support team will send you a Refcode (Which is not a Trek Voucher Code). Next year when you are ready to do Same trek again, you can simply mail us at bookings@trekkersofindia.in with Refcode and batch date our team will help you confirming your slot.

IMPORTANT: Offloading Fee, Travel Fee, Rental Fee is not included in this feature.


What is a Trekkers Of India Trek Voucher?

Trek Voucher is a credit amount which gets added to you Trekkers Of India account. You can redeem trek voucher by booking any Fixed Departure Trek with Trekkers Of India in future. Every Trek voucher comes with one year validity.

IMPORTANT: Trekkers Of India Trek Vouchers are non transferrable, non refundable to others. Only Trekker who has received it can redeem it. For example, If you have booked for five person you can either avail one Trek voucher of xyz amount or five trek vouchers will be issued on Trekker’s name.


How to redeem the Trek Voucher: 

Trekker will receive a Trek Voucher code on mail once you apply for the same.

1. Visit www.trekkersofindia.in
2. Choose Your Trek, Click on Available Dates.
3. Fill your Details
4. You will find Coupon Code option
5. Enter Your Trek Voucher code
6. Redeemed Yayy!

Please Note: This voucher code can redeemed only once for Treks in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Kashmir. Not redeemable for Treks in Maharashtra. And if you have received Voucher for treks in Maharashtra it can be only redeemed for treks in Maharashtra. If you need any support while Using the VOUCHER CODE feel free to Call/Whatsapp your Trek coordinator on +91 9999779236,9999779136. Trekkers Of Maharashtra coordinator is available on +91 8800144436.


  • Full amount to be paid to confirm booking.
  • Booking confirmations are subject to the availability of accommodation in specified hotels.
  • Cheques not accepted.
  • Payments accepted via UPI, Credit Card, and Net Banking (in case of payment via credit card 3% extra will be charged).
  • Once the payment is completed, inform our team via sharing a screenshot/ copy of the payment confirmation. Make sure the date, time, and UTR number are visible in the copy.
  • If a solo female traveller does not wish to share accommodation an additional cost will be charged.   


  • Trekkers Of India reserves the right to alter the day-wise schedule of the tour without any prior information (based on traffic, route restrictions or unforeseen travel-related circumstances). 
  • In case there is an unprecedented surge in transportation or accommodation costs (for instance, a hike in fuel charges), the total cost of the package will also increase.
  • Trekkers Of India will not be responsible for any change in the itinerary due to natural calamities or unforeseen circumstances. Any additional cost incurred for the same will be in addition to the cost borne by the client.
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the inclusions is not a part of this package. 
  • Images of the sites, city, hotel, etc. are for illustration purposes only. 
  • Additional charges would be applied for the passengers who wish to stay back at the destination or transit.

Things to Carry

Back Pack & Rair Cover 20-30 ltr (If hire a mule of porter)
Walking Stick 1
Water bottle/Hydration Pack 2 bottles of one ltr. each, People who use hydration pack 1 hydration pack and 1 bottle ofb one ltr., Carry at least one thermos flask.
Personal Medical Kit Consult yur Doctor
Snacks Energy Bar/Dry Fruits

T-shirts 2 Full sleeves (Non cotton)
Fleece T-shirt 1 Nos.
Fleece jacket 1 Nos. (Alternative: a woollen sweater)
Down feather/ Hollofil jacket 1 Nos.
Wind & waterproof (Jacket & pants) 1 Pair
Thermal inners (upper and lower) 1 Pair
Trek Pants 2 Synthetic (avoid shorts, fitting denims, capris)
Windstopper Pant 1 Pair
Waterproof gloves 1 Pair
Fleece/woolen gloves 1 Pair

Sunscreen cream 1 Nos.
Mosturiser 1 Nos.
Toillet Paper & wipes 1 Nos.
Lip balm 1 Nos.
Hand sanitizer 1 Nos.
Antibacterial powder 1 Nos.
Toothbrush and toothpaste 1 Nos.
Quick dry towel 1 Nos.



Calculate Your Fitness (BMI Calculator)

Your BMI Value is


BMI Range Category
Less than 18.5 Under Weight
18.5 - 24.9 Normal Weight
25 - 29.9 Over Weight
30 - 35 Obese
More than 35 Over Weight

Safety check should be done to get prepared for any Himalayan trek Click here


Prior trekking experience is optional; however, you should have basic stamina and fitness to enjoy the trek contentedly.

You will find accommodation in tents or guests house on a triple or twin-sharing basis.

Yes, healthy vegetarian foods are given during this Snow trek near Kasol. With early notification, special dietary requirements can be satisfied.

For safety reasons, you are advised to trek with an experienced organization or a group. You should not go alone.

You should carry a water bottle, sunscreen, a sleeping bag, a backpack, a waterproof jacket, warm clothing and trekking shoes.

Starting from ₹ 9000

₹ 6000per person

Extra 5% GST

33% OFF

  • Kasol - Kasol
  • Trek starts from Grahan Village
  • Traveling Charges applicable

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