Environment Policy

The purpose of embarking on a trek is to enjoy nature in its full chastity.Therefore, our priority is to maintain the nature’s bliss so that we can enjoy it in its rawest form. We focus on not disturbing the natural elements in any way while we proceed for trekking, forest walks, mountain
tours or anything of such sort as we cannot afford ruining it by anyone at any cost. This is done because we always keep in mind that things should be the same for the coming generations so that they can experience the same adventures as we do. Trekking usually put a lot of pressure on the natural resource of land when we indulge in fun activities like camp fire, or pluck flowers or plants that interest us on the way. Scattering non-biodegradable wastage on our path also causes damage as there is no authority to take care of the waste on mountains, so, the waste usually keeps collecting on the spot leading to damage of the environment and disturbing the scenic beauty of the place.

This is why any such activity that can harm the nature is strictly prohibited. We need to be responsible trekkers and prevent the spoiling of nature. Because it is only us who can help ourselves out of this. Below are some advice or suggestions that needs to be followed when you are in the mountains: