Why HAR KI DUN TREK is the best Summer trek?

28-08-2023 | 321 days
Written by: Ridhima Kamal
Click by Ridhima Kamal

Although the state of Uttarakhand offers prodigious opportunities for trekking even during the most unfavorable times, so you have boundless chances to pick your best from the elite. The treks of Uttarakhand provide spectacular as well as extravagant traveling experiences to the trekkers. 

Har Ki dun or The Valley of God is considered to be a luxurious choice for the trekkers of India during the Summer-season. This is the season of the year where sunshine falls on the snowflakes and the snow-clad mountains are dropping their keen eyes on the people looking up to them from grasslands. 

Har Ki Dun or The Valley of God outshines all the treks and makes it to the list of the best treks to undertake in Summer 2021.