Kedarnath and Kedarkantha- They are not the same

28-08-2023 | 321 days
Written by: Ridhima Kamal
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KedarKantha is an antiquated and the most undertaken trek in the state of Uttarakhand but it is always twisted with Kedarnath trek. The dilemma doesn’t only create chaos but also causes certain misperceptions and misunderstandings amongst the trekkers as well as the trek guides. Both the treks are beautiful and can have a distinguished impact on your well-being after you choose one. They can share the similar names but they are entirely different from each other.

We are trying to solve the confusion.



Perched at an altitude of 12,500ft, the Kedarkantha trek is one of the easiest treks for novice trekkers. It is a weeklong trek and should not be interwoven with the Kedarnath trek. The KedarKantha trek is definitely open in all the seasons and hence, magnetizes the trekkers with its enchanting spells throughout the year. The opulent green terrains and snow roofed meadows take you to a hidden world of miracles and exquisite beauty.

The major attractions of KedarKantha consist of Saud village and frosted lake Juda ka Talab. Saud village is one of the bustling hamlets in the Dehradun district which is quite a developing community. Also, Sankri which serves as the base camp of the Kedarkantha trek is a mysterious arrangement of local dwellers that reflect the antiquity of pre-historic times. Small huts, women, and children indulged in the household chores, men working in farms emit a picturesque outlook of the hardships of Himalayan ranges.

Juda ka Talab is a frozen lake in the lap of Himalayan ranges, which has a historical meaning with the myths and legendary stories. It is believed that Lord Shiva untied his hair locks and the droplets tumbled down on the earth originated the holy lake. The lake is unsullied, pure, and clean. Mysticism and holiness can be felt.


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