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22-11-2023 | 234 days
Written by: Amit Kumar
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Uttarakhand is the heart of beautiful trekking destinations. The majestic Himalayan mountain range is the USP of this place. You will witness different peaks that exhibit the same level of brilliance. The beauty of Uttarakhand is unmatchable…there are picturesque landscape, beautiful meadows, fascinating view of the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and extensive variety of wild species. If you are a trek enthusiast you must choose the terrains of Uttarakhand for an enthralling experience. Here we will provide you with a list of 5 best trekking destinations in the Uttarakhand region of India.


1. Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful places in Uttarakhand that you should definitely visit. This vibrant national park is famous for its captivating meadows filled with colorful flowers of unusual variety. Trekking to this place is a treat to eyes as you will find colors spread as far as you can see which seems like a place straight out of a fairy tale. The valley of flowers also houses many endangered animals like the Asiatic Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Red Fox, and Blue Sheep. Exploring this land is a must as here you will find exotic breeds of birds and butterflies too. Being a World Heritage Site, this place has become a favorite of the travelers and is filled with trekkers when its season. It’s an easy trek which is done in the months of July and August when the flowers are in full bloom.


2. Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek

Another best trekking option in Uttarakhand is the Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek. It is a short and easy trek that can be enjoyed as a weekend trip. While on this trek, you will be visiting Chopta, Deoriatal lake and Chandrashila peak. Walk through the forest made of Oak trees and get close to the raw form of nature. This trek also lets you experience the religious side on the way for there is a very famous Tungnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva situated at the Chandrashila Peak. You will feel more motivated and energetic for your journey after you spend time in the holy shrine. You must go on this trek as the monsoon season ends because the mountains then glow with snow showcasing an ethereal beauty.


3. Brahmatal Lake

This is another most popular and breathtaking trekking destination placed in Uttarakhand. The Brahmatal lake is an all season trek that includes lakeside camping at lake of Bekaltal and a glorious sight of Mt.Trishul, Nandaghunti, Neelkanth, Mt. Kamet and Chaukhamba. This trek consists of incredible views…you can immerse yourself completely in the stunning sight offered to you at each and every step of the trek. The lake sitting amazingly in the middle of the trail is something that you will remember for a lifetime for its beauty is incomparable complementing the surroundings. Another important factor that attracts the trekkers here is the mythological connection of this lake. Brahmatal means ’The Lake Of Lord Brahma’. It is said that Lord Brahma meditated at this spot, hence, the lake has been named Brahmatal. Another attractive feature of this trek is that the landscape changes according to different seasons. Winters exhibit beautiful snowfall leading to snow clad forests and frozen lakes and during the summers the same place changes to a scenery filled with vibrant colors. There is lush greenery everywhere. So if you want to experience adventure with immense natural wonders, then Brahmatal is the best choice to make.


4. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is one of the best winter trekking destinations in Uttarakhand. Here you will witness snow till the end of April. The snow is beautifully settled at the base of pine trees offering a fascinating view. Kedarkantha trek is a favorite option for the adventure lovers. It is an easy trek with mesmerizing views of snow capped Himalayas at a distance accompanied by lush greenery and dazzling waterfalls. Kedarkantha trek is also known for its beautiful campsites. The campsites are very alluring surrounded by dense pine forest and the view of majestic mountains in front of you. The open highlands, expansive meadows, steep slopes and intimidating mountain ranges adds on to the magic of this trek. The attractive feature of this scenic trek are the little villages you will go through while ascending towards the summit. Here you can witness the local Garhwali culture from the very friendly inhabitants.


5. Har Ki Dun Trek

Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, Har Ki Dun Trek takes you through a journey filled with enchanting surroundings and breathtaking views. The place aptly known as the ‘Valley of God’ is filled with beautiful waterfalls, lush green meadows, dense forests and the awe inspiring mountains. The captivating Bandarpunch range is also visible from the trail. The Har Ki Dun trek also has a mythological significance which states that Pandavas once took this path on their way to heaven. The enthralling trek is also home to wide variety of fauna like Langoors, golden eagles, the colorful Himalayan monal (state bird of Uttarakhand) etc. If you choose to go for this trek, you will be overwhelmed by the abundance of natural beauty that will instantly calm your senses and make you want to come here every time you plan for a trip.


6. Bali Pass Trek

If you want to experience something challenging and more adventurous, then you must go for the Bali Pass trek. This trek not only offers an exciting trail but also presents a view so stunning that you would be awestruck by the surroundings. You need to be fit physically and mentally before you decide to go for this trek. Thus, it is important that you prepare yourself months before you actually start your journey. Bali Pass is a mountain pass that links Har Ki Doon Valley to Yamunotri Valley. The views of Swargarohini & Banderpooch, Garhwal ranges and Yamunotri valley is a treat that you will get to cherish during the trek. Apart from the mountain ranges the destination is rich in rivers, lakes, waterfalls, meadows and also lush greenery.


7. Auden’s Col Trek

One of the hardest and least explored treks in Uttarakhand, Auden’s Col trek is a high mountain pass Jogin and Gangotri peaks. This trek is best done in summers or post monsoon. The mountain pass also joins two glaciers that lie in front of each other. Also, the important pilgrimage sites Gangotri and Kedarnath are also connected through this trek. It is very necessary to note that Auden’s Col is meant only for the experienced trekkers as you will be passing through difficult ridges, glaciers, exhausting terrains etc. that would require extraordinary strength and physical and mental endurance. But, despite of all the challenges and difficulties that you will face on the trail, Auden’s Col Trek is a once in a lifetime experience…a journey that will be with you till your last breath.


8. Satopanth Lake Trek

Satopanth lake begins from Mana Village (the last Indian village), approximately 3 kms away from Badrinath, a prominent pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand. The point of attraction is the glacial triangular lake of Satopanth which plays an important role of attracting tourists here. The mythological significance of this lake is that the three corners of it are believed to be the part of holy trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. There is utmost serenity and beauty in this place that is surrounded by the most impressive ranges of the Garhwal region. The Satopanth lake holds many scenic views and the walk becomes fascinating as you witness captivating waterfalls, picturesque landscape and see the incredible Himalayan peaks like Neelkanth, Chaukhamba and Swargarohini.


9. Kalindi Khal Trek

This trek again comes under the category of the most difficult treks. With mind blowing sceneries and challenging terrain, the Kalindi Khal trek has a lot to offer. The expedition starts from Gangotri followed by mesmerising views of meadows at Tapovan and many small river. The altitude of this place itself is overwhelming and then the walk till destination becomes one of the most eventful journey of your life. This thrilling trek requires excellent mountaineering skills and trekking experience. After such hard work and exhausting journey you will be prized with alluring views of majestic Bhagirathi peaks, and the lofty mount Shivling, that is sure to take all your tiredness away. Kalindi Khan trek is the best way to witness the actual adventure of the Himalayas.


10. Rupin Pass Trek

The Rupin Pass trail starts from Uttarakhand and takes you to another nature’s paradise, Himachal Pradesh. So, on this trek you will be experiencing the best of both (states)! Passing through stunning waterfalls, dense forests, pristine rivers, beautiful meadows etc., you will not stop wondering for even a second about the immense beauty that nature has bestowed upon us. You’ll also come across the stunning Himalayan villages and get to know about the local culture and food of the place. Bonding with the locals will definitely be an awesome experience for you. The entire trip is a great way to know and connect to the culture and tradition of the people living in the hills and come close to the rawest form of nature. Get yourself lost in the stunning view of snow capped mountains surrounding the place and make memories to last forever

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